I sat on my bed pondering, pondering about so many things.

The only way I can express is to write, life, people give it so many meaning.

What would you say life is?

Everyone has a story to tell, what is your story?

The heartaches, the failures, the mistakes all prove a valuable lesson to learn from and never repeat.

Friends come and go, but true friends remain in times of trouble.

All but one will remain, He will never leave you or forsake you, the unshakable, omnipotent and everlasting, bigger than you can ever imagine.

What you put in, is what you get, a young man once said, the higher the risk, the higher the return. Very true.

It’s 11:20pm, sitting behind my laptop pondering, so many things running through my mind.

Thoughts, just thoughts, thoughts of success, thoughts of failures, thoughts of love, thoughts of life I haven’t written in a long long time. Why now? The time is now.

Time to take action

Time not to just sit on the fence

Time not to procrastinate

Time to earn

Time to make amends

Time to find your true love

Time for success

Time to heal

Time to break grounds

The time is now

Sleepiness is approaching. Final words: in everything that we do, everything, should give glory and honour  unto our Maker. To be continued





GAY MARRIAGE AN ARTICLE WRITTEN BY  Eleanor Klinogo & Clara Afua Ayanful

Our society is becoming more and more pluralistic so we need to watch that as we grapple with an ever

changing society we do not get caught up in the winds of this world and go the way the world is going.

The world will be the world and the church will be the church. Let us not forget the assignment we have

been given by the head of the church Jesus Christ to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every

living creature. We have stopped witnessing, stopped winning souls and continue to isolate ourselves

from people who do not believe like we believe. We are focusing much more on the trends of this world,

we need to change as a church. Today we can take that one step of change. Today I call on the

presbytery, I call on the virtuous ladies in this house, holiness! I call on the gallant men, Men! I call on

the youth, Youth!! And I call on the little children today let us not forget our role as a church, we all have

a part to play as members of the church, we are responsible to preach the gospel and to illuminate the

great blessings that flow from heeding God’s commandments. Our mama’s our papa’s we suggest you

have a little more time with us we need more advices from you than our peers, we need to feel loved at

home rather than go looking for it elsewhere. The leaders of the church we suggest that you organize

programs that help us understand the times we are living in. I end by quoting a statement made by Rev.

TD JAKES. “The supreme court makes its decisions based on the constitution, debating the

constitutionality of any particular issue. But I must warn you, God does not judge you by the

constitution. He judges you by the word of God. So while the Supreme Court is looking at the

constitution, you better search the scriptures.


 Written By Eleanor Klinogo & Clara Afua Ayanful




Religion against religion,
Nation against nation.
Yesterday Ebola,
Who knows tomorrow?
Now some human rights activist or should I say human “satisfactionist”
Fight for homosexuality
Soon countries which have not accepted homosexuality will be tested.
We as a country must therefore stand firm in Christ and His word.

Truly the time is near
I suppose some might take this as just another cliché
Yes, it’s true that even before I was born, there was speculation about Christ’s second coming. Not to mention the 2012 prediction
Now it’s almost 3 years and Christ has still not come.

It’s not coincidental that now there’s a lot of suffering in the world. ISIS, Boko Haram, Economic crisis just to mention a few
The daily mantra of many is seesei no)ma y3 den? Things are hard now.
I can however assure you that the suffering in hell is worse than any form of Depreciation, Hyperinflation, Natural disaster or World War you can think of
Where would you spend eternity?
Heaven or Hell

People, we are nearing the end of the tunnel,
Christ is coming.
This is the time for you and I to do away with our evil ways
If you committed adultery yesterday, repent now
And commit to God.
If unforgiveness lurks within your heart;
Forgive, Forgive, Forgive.

As a church, this is the time for us to do away with impure thoughts, jealousy, and feelings of animosity towards one another.
If the people of God are practising these things, how then can unbelievers admire and want to be like us!
How can we be good stewards in our generation?

The youth of today tend to conform to the desires of their flesh
Ashamed to stand for the right
Turn to darkness and hide from the light
Youth, we must arise and shine bright
To the word of God we must hold on tight
So we can climb higher heights

I entreat each one of you to let go, find God and do good because truly we’ve reached the end.

Nana Ama Baidoo

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The box I had heard of Made me the wonderful things there of, the aged and nine years plus those within.

And through the sadness the joy they experienced from thee.

Thee being those lovely women. Within warm caring hearts cooler than an oven.

Who keep them although not theirs even? It was until a mini visit.

That brought my mind to a perfect downside of reality. Where shock engulfed me.

And gave me an insight of no imagery but a real life story, how those poor little cute beings. Seeing some smiling and some weeping. Sitting in their little beds and some hovering.

Weeping inside me I couldn’t help see that microscopic but large creature. Who slept and had been in an unknown environment. With no one to get that close to.

As had been kept. Since a day old by different women. OH life with many fortunes and misfortunes like a favorable or unfavorable dive.

By Rhoda OseiNkwantabisa


 In the Shoes of a leader


 It might strike you to know that, Even the disciples think he is a cut- throat Like a curry- comb for direction. Sometimes, His efforts gives him a deja vu feeling. In actual fact, most of them are faceless. Beside the limited honey on their lips, They are mostly left to be forlorn. For compassion to the cuckoo, don’t you think some are inaudible? Deep down my humble soul, Working behind the scene makes them laggard. To the tax payer, Jollification only comes once in a blue-moon. So soon Ignorance of the pains on their helpless heads seems lethal. Not really their kismet but at least water as an incentive. For them, they deem it as a pain relief. I may ask Who are their deadliest killjoy? Certainly, all hearts are real suspects. In the shoes of a leader, Have we noticed how ugly the journey can be? Let me remind you of something crucial. In the shoes of a leader, All kinsmen can be openly sadists! Contumacy of his disciples injures broken hearts completely. that is to say, chasing the crucifixion he never caused, that is painfully termed as less-majesty to him. All the same, What are leaders for ?




Like a branch that can never be separated from it’s vine,
And a man addicted to a particular wine,
I never thought i was ever going to meet
Or unto myself have someone close like my favorite meat.

Life can be lived alone,
But sometimes one needs someone with a love bone,
To share ideas and worries with,
So that nothing can cause one to fall in a pit.

Finding someone like that is not easy
It takes much time to find one to whom you can sign that love treaty,
But it is better that way with the long search,
So that even when it gets to a time of separation
Thinking twice will be ones only mission.
Betrayal can come between you and that person
But means and ways must be found for it’s setting.
So that the friendship can last forever
Between you and that person together.

By Rhoda Osei Nkwantabisa


Positive Mind

By Mercy Quartey
Get over it for it can impede your progress
That pain you are lamenting would yield you no relief
Neither do that tears you are shedding and even the shed of more till you have strength render your spirit cheerful;
No blame you shower on yourself erodes any mistake made.
Why not concentrate on nursing your wounds rather than lamenting words of pain whiles doing so.
Know that nothing can be done to change yesterday but the decisions we make today can serve as good guidelines for the future.
Enticing activities induced you to be a participant and so you paid less attention to your studies, you finally failed your exams poorly that even the most easiest subject swayed you.
Don’t say oh what a pity! Instead say oh what a challenge!
Don’t allow that to prey upon your precious brain and further leave you prone to more failures break every camp of” too busy for nothing” and advance.
You can only advance physically when your mindset has taken has taken a step ahead to lay a path for you to advance.
Guidelines for the future.
Your desire has always being to speak nothing at all but the truth;
You found yourself hard pressed in an extremely difficult situation which looks as if there is no way out other than a lie, and yes! You told the biggest lie ever.
You felt a great relief that moment only to later cry out your heart out in the deepest night all because you broke that pledge.
Don’t say why did I do this? Say why will I do this that again?
Get over that, and pray for a “spirit of truth” that can withstand every circumstance.

By Mercy Quartey


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