Caught In The Web

Fatric Bewong’s current exhibition at Nubuke Foundation in Accra entitled: Caught in the web,is intent on making a case for the so called “3R” approach (Reduce,Recycle,Reuse) to discourses concerning waste management in the environment in our common global experience.In her bid to drive home her point she exhibits a miscellany of objects,fabric draperies and paintings.

Caught In the web

This have been made with assorted materials that she calls “waste products”,she gleaned and gathered from personal and public sources.The object installations that she makes,the draperies and abstract paintings have these bits-and-pieces,sewn,glued or fused onto then with heat.





















In re-imagining these objects she challenges the viewer to do same with our choices, to find creative ways to address the impact of human destruction and waste; to make decisions that positively impact our society.The exhibition will comprise of installations and paintings.Caught In the web














In an attempt to reclaim their worth, Fatric re-transforms these products like an alchemist into her canvas works and into sculptural works which she sometimes dons in her artistic performances.IMG_20160306_011815

Bewong has exhibited in USA, Germany, Nigeria and Ghana at institutions including San-Diego Museum, Institute of African Studies at the University of Ghana, Legon, Alliance Française, Accra, Geothe-Institute, Accra, British Council, Accra and Nubuke Foundation, Accra. Her works are included in the collections of Institute of African Studies, the Dei Center for the study of contemporary African, Artists Alliance Gallery Accra, and Foundation for Contemporary Art.

Caught In The Web

  • What Inspired you to come up with the art exhibition titled “Caught In The Web”?

When I walk into a space,my interaction with people,colours,smell,the texture of things,all these things I capture them in mind,and when I go into my quiet space they play back and when they play back that is where I find creative ways,then I express them.My interest now has been the issues around our environment I am excited about globalization that it makes us be on the same platform.

  • Is there a future for artist like yourself in Ghana?

As an artist I try to address this things that we discard as waste,transforming them into different art forms to address these issues.I feel and am very hopeful that the future of art in Ghana is very positive,if I look at ten years ago,spaces like Nubuke where not available,Nubuke which is a space to contemporary thinking of expressing in arts is good for artists to find that right space to exhibit their work for public to ease with.It is very hopeful as I read an article in the newspaper review about a new gallery opening up Gallery1957. So if you look at it from that perspective it is very hopeful for all of us,with my generation there is so much happening.The artists  engage in, are dealing with issues on a global level that everyone can relate to it, which makes the work global, it’s attracting attention from the international countries,if you look at the music industries it is expanding,so it’s very hopeful,that there is hope for all of us.

Fatric Bewong


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